Nurture the Seed (NTS)

Startups and New entrepreneurial ventures require excellent human resources to nurture the vision and achieve the objectives of the founders.

We understand that to work for a startup the candidate has to have passion, flexibility, intrapreneurship and trustworthiness apart from the necessary skill sets.

We at Lakshya, take complete ownership in sourcing for startups and provide consulting and customized solutions to provide the best resources who apart from being competent professionals; are also culturally fit for the startups.

We offer customized solutions for startups aimed at sourcing the best resources across all levels and industries. Our NTS team works hand in hand with the startups to:

  • Understanding the vision of the startup
  • Understanding the solution it brings to the market
  • Apprising prospects about the value of working with the startup
  • Personalized consulting services for the startup to source best resources